A downloadable game for Windows

In a different dimension there is a museum for an ancient civilization.

From a time where earthQuakes were more common.

Nothing still lives from that time... or does it?

A semi-stealth game about helping an object from the past escape from being a museum item.

Made for FZ Game Jam 2020 where the four themes were: The moon, Rocket launcher, Calle and Rules are meant to be broken. And I tried to fit all of them in this game.


WASD: Movement
Mouse: Look
Mouse Left: Interact / Pickup

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsfz, PSX (PlayStation), Stealth, Voice Acting


MuseumOfFPS_Win_1.01.zip 87 MB


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Interesting experience, I enjoyed teaming up with that talking rocket launcher, I feel like it could make a cool concept for a fully-fledged game. Superb work there, I'll follow your next productions with great interest!

Here's my short playthrough for anyone who wants to see what it's like  : 


Thank you! It was an odd short project but I'm happy with how it turned out :)

THis Is awsome!!!!
i loved it. to bad its not a long game.
this is an artwork.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it so much! That is quite the high praise! And I agree, I wish that I had the time to get all my ideas in.

My name is Tom Wilcox, after finishing the game, I couldn't, NOT leave a review. I really liked it, the characters and models were really cool but the dialogue was by-far my favorite. If you ever have the need for an extra hand with scripting, feel free to reach out! I mean, we're pretty much family.

Thanks! Obviously us Wilcox'es have great taste ;)
I'm really happy you enjoyed the dialogue, it's always hard to gauge if it's actually good or not after staring at it for a longer time.
Do you do any game jams? If you're planning on doing a Ludum Dare or Global Game Jam then we could possibly collaborate :)