Help a shelter out with rescuing cats to a loving home.

I recommend playing in fullscreen and with some relaxing music in the background.

This was made as a birthday gift to my girlfriend who absolutely adores cats.

She also loves the very excellent game Hidden Folks (made by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg) that this game is heavily inspired by.

If you like the game consider donating to a local animal shelter.


Download 23 MB


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As someone who loves Hidden folks and cats...this is purrfect ;)

Thank you :)

I know it was a birthday present, but I hope you consider expanding the project. It's a really cool way to raise awareness and participation at shelters.

Thank you! I really enjoyed hearing your personal stories about your animals, it matched very well with the game :)

About expanding it, right now I'm working on other things but maybe sometime in the future I'll go back and add another level or so. Or atleast add some music.

This is precious! I love the sounds!



I really enjoyed this! Great idea for a birthday present. The cat in the bush was a bit tricky to find.

We're glad you enjoyed it, we both watched your playthrough. We noticed that it wasn't obvious that you can click the cat names to show some hint-text so we were impressed you found them all by just looking at the silhouettes!

Ah, yeah, I had no idea there were hints, that's cool though! Maybe in the tutorial it might help to mention it? But besides the bush cat, it was challenging enough but not too hard. =]

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The tutorial actually does mention it as you have to click one of the cats and show its info-box to proceed but it seems that it wasn't clear enough :)

But I'm glad it was challenging enough still!