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Did you ever play the Inet Games handheld from 1996?

Not many did, it launched without much fanfare and though even with a nice color screen and small form factor this little gem never took hold in the handheld market. Since then it has become a collectors item.

Only a handful games were ever made for it.

Frag Zombie is one of them.

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Made for the FZ 25 year anniversary game jam. The theme was "25" and I thought to myself, would it be possible to make a game in 25x25 pixels? And also somehow make it about a 25 year old handheld console?

Well, seems like it was possible! Mostly, I had to cut some corners. But this project was a lot of fun and I got to try out a reload mechanic that I've thought about for ages. So try it out and blast some zombies with your pistol & shotgun, see how many you can get before they get you!


Only works with a keyboard currently!
Follow arrows in the bottom right corner to perform a reload.

Arrow keys: Aim & Reload
Space: Fire
Shift: Change weapon
M: Turn off music
Escape: Quit (desktop only)

Sound credits


FragZombie_Win_1.0.zip 25 MB


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Haha, great stuff :) Took me a couple of tries to understand the reloading mechanism but it was really interesting! 


Really nice and minimalistic game. Good work!


Great feel and hectic gameplay where a FPS is more than just point and click

Thanks! :D


I love the reload in this game. Takes some time to master it for all the weapons, but once you have it down your score will go up!

The 25x25 pixel graphics looks amazing

Thank you! It was fun but challenging working with such a low resolution so I'm glad you liked! And yeah, getting used to the reload mechanic both feels awesome and gives you a much better score.


Love the music! (DOS/Adlib inspired?)

Enjoyed the unique but logical reloading mechanic. Especially using the shotgun.

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Thanks! I didn't make it myself (I'm terrible at making music) so I was lucky to find the music after very little searching, only had to do some tweaking to make it loop better.

Awesome that you liked the reloading mechanic, it's been a fascination of mine and finally I've had time to try it out!

Thank you for trying it!