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Alida, a young cadet at a school of various forms of magic called Arx Academia, has just found out that today is the day of the yearly trials!

She has to prove herself worthy and perform a feat to complete the trials; but unprepared as she is, is there an easy way to make her succeed?


Left mouse: Walk/Use/Pickup/Talk
Right mouse: Examine/Read
Top screen: Inventory


Made in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 41 with the theme "combine two incompatible genres"

- Jonathan Smårs @jsmars jsmars.com
- Andreas Wilcox @svdvorak
- Fredric Westholm
- Olivia Bernardsson
- Gloria Bernardsson
- Ellen Bernardsson
- Andreas Degerman
- Ulrik Karlsson
- Rebecca Smårs
- Jonas Karlsson
- Bernita Karlsson
- Josefin Heinevik


Alida_of_Arx_1.0.zip 67 MB

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